Battery Fitment Outlet Potchefstroom

Battery Fitment Outlet Potchefstroom

Solve your Battery, Solar and Air Conditioning problems in Potch.

what you can expect

"Got my whole house on solar power. Worked out it will pay itself off in 3 years time. Worth it in the end. No more worries about loadshedding. Running house normally plus borehole and swimming pool."
Ansie PAul
"Excellent products and value for money with great workmanship!! would recommend anybody to come here for pure sine inverter, solar panels and deep cycle batteries!"
Carl Herbst

Solve Your battery & solar Problems

We are a small family owned Battery, Solar and Air Conditioning business that supplies our products and services to the Potchefstroom area. You are welcome to pop into our centrally located store situated at 3 Oliver Tambo Street right across the street from the paint and hardware store Habitat. 

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