Greenrich Batteries 

If you are running an active business you should not let unexpected outages ruin your day. Greenrich Batteries gives you uninterrupted operation during peak hours with maximized energy density and rapid charging. No more lost profits or unhappy customers. The need for adaptability makes Greenrich Batteries perfect for business use.

Greenrich Batteries 

Key Takeaways

  • Greenrich batteries handle electricity surges efficiently with a discharge capacity of 1.5C and 2C.
  • They are compatible with major inverter brands.
  • Vertical integration ensures durability, with 6000 cycles at 95% DOD
  • Advanced BMS safeguards the battery against abnormal temperatures, surges, and irregular voltages.
  • A 5-year product warranty and 10-year performance warranty offer reliability and durability.
  1. Meet The Maker

Greenrich’s creator company- Greenway, was founded in 2010. They specialize exclusively in battery pack design and production. They kicked off with a focus on handy gadgets, zooming their way to the top of the e-bike scene. With Greenrich, their goal is to dish out eco-friendly battery choices that pack a punch. It goes without saying that they want to do this without skimping on performance or dependability. The aim here is innovation while making the world a little greener.

  1. Expansion and Capabilities

Back in 2017, they teamed up with K-Tech New Energy. Here they beefed up their skills with state-of-the-art lithium battery cells. Now, with two assembly factories and one cylindrical battery factory under their belt, they are geared up for innovation. Also with a team of 1500, they can only bring you the best products.

  1. Patents and Certifications

By the end of 2023, Greenway and its subsidiaries held over 602 patents. This only showcasing remarkable growth.They created 38 new inventions, cementing their status as a national high-tech enterprise. Lastly, the ISO-9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications highlight their dedication to quality and safety.

  1. Global Presence and After-sales Service

Over the years, Greenway has been able to shine as a leader in the battery manufacturing sector. They have a reputation for their top-notch quality from design to production. As a bonus, their global expansion to Belgium, ensures after-sales service. Just as a little side note; Belgium’s prime location and skilled workforce are perfect for international expansion. Greenway can effectively serve customers across Europe and beyond.

  1. An Overview Of Greenrich Batteries 

Greenrich batteries represent some of the best energy storage technologies on the market. There is lots to choose from with a diverse range of solutions for home and business use. Below are some common features and benefits their models have.

  1. Cutting-Edge Discharge Technology

These batteries are awesome at handling disasters like loadshedding. They have really strong discharge rates, like 1.5C and 2C. That basically means that they can handle a lot of power at once. Even when lots of electricity is needed, these batteries keep things running at full steam.

  1. Exceptional Cycle Life and Efficiency

Greenrich batteries are engineered to be practically bulletproof. They can withstand up to 6000 cycles with a high depth of discharge (DOD), typically around 90-95%. 

This lasting power is all about the best materials and solid construction. They are built to last forever.

  1. Strong Built-in Battery Management System

Each Greenrich battery comes with a smart Battery Management Systems (BMS). It protects against anything that could mess with its performance or safety. Dangers like abnormal temperatures, wonky voltages, and short circuits are all things that it guards against.

  1. Universal Compatibility and Easy Integration

Greenrich batteries are compatible with the biggest inverter brands on the market.  Whether you use Sunsynk, Deye, Victron, Growatt, or Lux Power, your Greenrich battery will work like a charm.

  1. Versatile Mounting Options

Greenrich batteries offer flexible installation options. This includes options for wall-mounted and rack-mounted configurations. This means they’re great for all sorts of situations businesses, and industrial environments. They are adaptable and can be used basically anywhere.

  1. Warranty Coverage

With a generous warranty, Greenrich batteries offer you assurance. Their batteries are protected for years to come. Standard product warranties typically span up to five years, while performance warranties extending up to 10 years. 

  1. Greenrich 4.96kWh WM5000 Wall-Mount Battery

Here we have an impressive Wall-Mounted Battery. You can use it at home during extreme weather conditions, such as heavy storms or heat waves. Seeing that it handles a 1.5C discharge rate, this battery can effectively manage 7.5 KW of power. You can be assured of uninterrupted electricity supply to your home even during loadshedding. Also, you can use it in off-grid scenarios like when you are out camping or attending outdoor events. This is a reliable battery, that provides a stable power for lighting, appliances, or electronic devices.

  1. Compatibility

The Greenrich 4.96kWh WM5000 Wall-Mount Battery is super easy to get going. It works well with all major inverter brands like Sunsynk, Deye, Victron, Growatt, and Lux Power. 

  1. Top features
  • Firstly, the parallel connection feature gives you easy expansion, letting you increase battery capacity easily. 
  • Next, you will find a ton of durability with its prolonged usability. 
  • With its proprietary LFP cells, it shows off the highest safety standards and a 

promising cycle life. Plus, it can handle up to 6000 cycles at 95% DOD, proving its 

long-term reliability.

  • And finally, their own Battery Management System (BMS) keeps things running smoothly. It protects against temperature extremes, loadshedding, and voltage irregularities. With this protection everything stays safe and performs at its best.
  1. GREENRICH UP3686 2C

The GREENRICH UP3686 2C Lithium Battery is known for its ground-breaking performance. Operating at 2C discharge rates, this battery beats conventional options with its unique design. It features 288 strategically arranged cells for higher capacity and consistent power delivery. Keeping you powered up at all times.

  1. Outstanding Performance

It packs a punch with a hefty 3.68 kWh capacity and a 72 Ah rating. This is combined with its trusty 51.2V voltage. Whether you need power in bursts or for a consistent flow, this battery’s flexible discharge options have you sorted. From a standard 36A discharge to a boosted discharge of 115A, your devices will just keep running and running.

  1. Longevity and Scalability

Built to last a long while, this battery offers over 6000 cycles at 80% DoD when operated at 25 degrees Celsius. Its modular design allows for easy scalability, letting you expand your energy storage capacity as needed.

  1. Compact and Durable Design

Measuring 442mm x 512mm x 222mm and weighing 42kg, this battery is compact and durable. It has a tough as nails build which makes it almost invisible to environmental hurdles. As a result it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

  1. Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)

This battery uses a smart system called BMS. This system’s job is to that keeps it safe from abnormal currents, and voltage fluctuations. So it helps it last longer while being safe and secure.

  1. Greenrich Lithium Battery 6.1kWh 119.6Ah 51.2V U-P6100

Lastly we have the Greenrich Lithium Battery 6.1kWh 119.6Ah 51.2V U-P6100. This is a state-of-the-art energy storage solution designed to boost any power needs. Crafted with advanced tech, this battery delivers stellar performance you can rely on. You can bet that it is a reliable energy source for all your power needs.

  1. High-Performance Discharge 

The Greenrich Lithium Battery boasts a discharge current of 200A. It is hellbent on delivering consistent power for your devices and systems.

  1. Comprehensive Protection 

Your safety is their priority. This battery is also armed with all sorts of protection measures which include: 

  • Overvoltage Protection: Guards against excessive voltage levels.
  • Undervoltage Protection: Prevents dangerously low voltage levels.
  • Short-Circuit Protection: Detects and interrupts abnormal currents to prevent damage.
  • Low Temperature Charge Protection: Adjusts charging to suit cold conditions.
  • High Temperature Charge Protection: Regulates charging to avoid overheating.
  • Low Temperature Discharge Protection: Maintains performance in cold environments.
  • High Temperature Discharge Protection: Prevents overheating during discharge.
  1. Size and Weight 

The Greenrich Lithium Battery measures 220.6mm x 438mm x 536mm and weighs 57kg. It is engineered for easy inclusion without sacrificing power or productivity.

  1. Impressive Electrical Parameters 

Operating at a rated voltage of 51.2V and with a nominal capacity of 6123Wh, it delivers a formidable 9000W of rated power. To put it another way, you wont battle with a reliable and consistent supply.

  1. Advanced Charging and Discharging Modes

As a final point, this battery handles power better by using different charge and discharge modes. This battery can handle a hefty 80 amps at max, and it stops once it reaches 57.4 volts. But when it is powering things up, it is even more impressive. It can handle a continuous discharge of up to 200 amps. And when it’s running low it stops at 44.8 volts. 

  1. FAQ
    1. What are The Benefits of Using a Solar Inverter Battery?

The biggest benefit of a solar inverter battery is energy independence. This comes with  lower electricity bills, and backup power during loadshedding. They are easy to install and can save you money in the future. 

  1. How Do I Choose the Right Solar Inverter Battery for My Needs?

When choosing a solar inverter battery there is much to think about storage. Look at things like capacity, cycle life, depth of discharge, compatibility with your solar system, and warranty terms. Check your energy usage patterns and backup power requirements to choose the best option for you.

  1. Conclusion

If you are running a business don’t let loadshedding ruin your day.  You will have max energy density and rapid charging. No more lost profits or disgruntle customers.  Greenrich Batteries offer a solution for home use as well. No more dark nights and spoiled groceries, keep your home running smoothly, no matter what the grid does

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