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You no longer have to deal with power outages and unreliable energy sources. Hubble Batteries provide a lifeline with high-quality prismatic cells for effectiveness and durability. They are backed by a 10-year warranty and 15-year battery cell design life. Here you will find a secret weapon to uninterrupted power.

Key Takeaways

  • Innovative lithium-ion solutions, ensure superior performance and reliability.
  • High-quality prismatic cells ensure efficiency and durability.
  • Multiple options for your needs.
  • All batteries are supported by a 10-year warranty and 15-year battery cell design life.
  • Hubble Cloudlink enables real-time monitoring.

A Little History

Since 2020, Hubble Lithium has risen as a leader for energy storage solutions. Their extensive product range reflects innovation, which results in some if the best lithium batteries on the market. Thanks to their strong design these batteries exude productivity, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Despite the curveballs of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hubble Lithium grew into a big name for South Africa’s lithium-ion battery market. In 2022, they made significant prodress with new products and the launch of their Hubble Cloudlink App.

They have also been making waves in the energy scene with their focus on cutting-edge Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and sustainability. When Hubble joined forces with the Bud Group in 2023, they got their hands on some enhanced resources, expertise, and opportunities for growth. This partnership enabled Hubble to expand, innovate faster, and thrive in the energy storage sector.

With up to 100MWh in their battery portfolio, they have shown the ability to tackle any power demand. Even though they are rooted locally, their eyes are set on global goals. These are driven by a passion for creativity and sustainability.

Hubble’s Service Excellence 

At Hubble Lithium, innovation meets reliability with some awesome power solutions.

Aiming to deliver excellence, they create cutting-edge designs which comes with exceptional service for all your energy needs.

Premium Power Solutions

At Hubble Lithium, they take pride in offering high-performing and reliable batteries. These nifty batteries range from 1.2 kWh to 2.5 Mwh. The team at their research and development department push boundaries to provide premium power solutions.

Core Innovation 

Innovation is ingrained in their DNA. That is why their team of engineers and software developers design cutting-edge lithium batteries. Through tried and tested research and development, they remain as agile as wild cats. Constantly on the lookout for new ways to adapt to the growing solar energy market.

Service Excellence

A successful business venture runs on good service and support. That’s why they offer nationwide assistance to both resellers and end-users. This important service is supported by a dedicated technical support team. With their service centers in Johannesburg and Cape Town, they ensure you have quick turnaround times and ongoing support.

Uncompromising Quality

There is no negotiation when it comes to quality. Hubble Lithium exclusively uses the highest quality prismatic cells from leading manufacturers. Hubble is very well known for superior performance and reliability. As a result, these cells are an example of how serious they are for creating quality products.


The AM-Series is the heart of their energy storage offerings. It provides solutions for whatever your energy needs may be. Each battery in this series is designed for easy connectivity and increased productivity. 

Let’s start with the AM-2. This compact yet powerful battery has a capacity of 5.5 kWh and operates at 48V. Ideal for use in small homes or backup power systems. Its compact dimensions of 375mm x 145mm x 467mm (WDH) allow for easy wall mounting or rack installation.

Moving up the range, the AM-4 offers a capacity of 3 kWh and operates at 25V. It is designed for medium-sized homes or backup power systems. Its dimensions of 375mm x 147mm x 371mm make it an adaptable choice for any situation.

The AM-5, boasting a capacity of 5.12 kWh and operates at 51.2V. It is more suitable for larger residential properties or light commercial settings. Its use of LFP prismatic cells ensures dependable power storage. These factors make it suitable for areas such as chalets in the bush, small businesses, or rural clinics.

Lastly the AM-10, with its impressive 10 kWh capacity and 51.2V operation, is geared towards commercial or industrial-scale usage. Its robust design suits the energy storage needs of factories, warehouses, or large-scale renewable energy projects. It is equipped with cutting-edge features,and poised to meet modern energy demands.

All of the sbove AM Series batteries share common features such as Cloudlink compatibility, internal fire suppression systems, and a generous 10-year warranty. 


Now we look at the S-series. It’s a paradigm shift in battery tech, ensuring reliable and cost-effective energy solutions.

It has a capacity of 1.2 kWh and a voltage of 12.8V, these LFP prismatic cells are ready to give you exceptional performance. Whether swapping old batteries or powering inverters, the S-Series has you sorted.

One of the standout features of the S-series is its versatility. It can be organized in various voltages (12V, 24V, 36V, or 48V) to suit different needs. Also, with built-in protection against overloading you can trust your batteries to operate securely. This added layer of security further enhances their reliability. It is an important feature that increases renewable energy benefits, without worrying about equipment risks.

To top it off, the S-series does more than just powering things up. 

When connected in series, it is best to install an active balancer for the best performance. This ensures that the batteries are equalized and in good condition. These balancers extend the service life of your batteries. They are key to ensuring long-term reliability and affordable use. They also offer convenient monitoring through Bluetooth-enabled phone apps- we will get to that part in a moment.

With its durable lifespan of approximately 15 years, the S-series is built to last. 

It can handle about 4000 charging and discharging cycles when done fully within an hour. Certified to meet CE, UN38.3, and other standards, you can rest assured of its quality and reliability. And with an IP65 rating, it’s protected against dust and water damage from the South African climate.


Hubble CloudLink is a specialized cloud-based energy management platform for your solar systems. It serves as a central point for monitoring and controlling solar system components. You get insights on the spot and control over your renewable configuration.

Remote Accessibility

Like we said earlier, Hubble CloudLink provides remote access for monitoring your solar energy systems. You can manage them from anywhere with an internet connection. Getting access is easy thanks to a user-friendly web portal and mobile app. This means you can enjoy convenience and flexibility.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

The platform offers advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities. Here, you get valuable insights on your system’s energy production, consumption, and storage.

This data-driven approach helps you make smart choices to adjust energy usage and save money.

Remote Troubleshooting and Updates

Now you never have to deal with unexpected issues in your solar system again. With CloudLink’s remote troubleshooting and firmware updates, you won’t be left in the dark. This guarantees glitch fixes, reducing downtime and keeping your system running all day.

Monitoring and Control

You can monitor and control all components of your solar energy systems in real-time. Proactive management meets energy production and consumption for the best performance.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Hubble CloudLink offers comprehensive data analytics and reporting features. You can keep an eye on your energy usage patterns to see how you are using energy.

Plus, you can keep tabs on system performance metrics to make sure everything is running smoothly. It is insight that helps you make smart choices to boost productivity and save you a couple of bucks.

In a nutshell, Hubble CloudLink supercharges solar energy system performance through remote various means. They include accessibility, comprehensive analytics, and management tools. You can save money and enjoy renewable energy perks while keeping your systems running 


What Makes Hubble Batteries The Best?

Hubble Batteries deliver high energy density, fast charging, and solar inverter compatibility. Plus, they come equipped with advanced battery management systems for safety and peak performance.

Are Hubble Batteries Right for Homes and Businesses?

Yes, they are perfect for both home and office use. Whether you need them for your home, small office or industrial building they are primed to store excess energy and kick in during loadshedding.

Can I Connect Hubble Batteries to My Existing Solar system?

Definitely Hubble Batteries connect easily with any existing solar setups. 

They connect with most solar inverters and can connect to the grid or operate off-grid.

How Can I Track My Hubble Batteries’ Performance?

Just use their mobile app or hop onto their web dashboard. You will get real-time updates on energy production, usage, and storage. Also, you can review performance history and system health checks any time you want.


Stay powered up with the reliability from Hubble Batteries. Together with high-quality prismatic cells, modern technology and a 10-year warranty, they provide uninterrupted power. Plus Hubble CloudLink’s remote monitoring makes it easy to track performance and manage your energy use.

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