Volta Batteries

If you are fed up being stuck with unreliable power sources, then this is for you. 

Nothing is worse than planning a home gathering or working at night and getting stuck in the dark during load shedding.  But dont worry, Volta Batteries are here to save the day.


Key Takeaways

  • Volta batteries prioritize your safety with cobalt-free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry and low-voltage safety connections.
  • With a 10-year warranty and 6000 cycles at 90% DOD, Volta Batteries offer dependable performance.
  • A modular design and parallel up to 32 units, caters to different energy needs.
  • With two convenient mounting methods installation is easy.

Avoiding The Risk

Traditional batteries can be risky business. We are sure that concerns about longevity and safety always linger in the back of your mind. But with Volta batteries, those worries dissapear. They have ditched the cobalt and chose Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry instead. This decision ensures a long lifespan and high-energy density without any safety risks. Plus, their low-voltage safety connection adds an extra layer of protection for your peace of mind.

Knock Out Performance

You are probably tired of power solutions that run out of steam when you need them most. These batteries support 1C/1C continual charge and discharge. Simply put it means that they deliver consistent power no matter the circumstances. 

With 6000 cycles at 90% Depth of Discharge (DOD) Volta Batteries ensure long-term power reliability.

Reliable Power, Anytime, Anywhere

The following has probably happened to you; You are in the middle of a highly important project when suddenly, the power goes out. That is a total nightmare. But with Volta batteries, those problematic blackout blues are gone. Their built-in Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) ensures complete protection. Meanwhile, the natural cooling and IP20 enclosure helps handling whatever Mother Nature throws at it. One way to prove this, is their ability to operate in a wide temperature range from -20°C to 60°C.

Flexibility and Convenience 

Volta batteries is your solution to keeping up with your ever-changing needs. With their modular design, you can quickly expand your power arrangement. You can parallel up to 32 units for a maximum capacity of 170kWh. Also, maintenance is easy with features like battery module auto networking and support for remote monitoring and upgrades.

Mounting Made Easy

If you dont have space for bulky batteries then you are in luck. Volta batteries come with two convenient mounting options. The first is wall-mounted and comes with a wall bracket, while the other is floor-mounted with a removable base. If you are tight on space or just prefer a cleaner look, Volta Batteries provides a comfortable solution.

Volta Pro

Volta Pro ensures safety with a Cobalt-Free LFP Battery, promising longevity and high energy. Low voltage safety connection offers peace of mind.

High Performance Guaranteed

With the Volta Pro, you can expect nothing short of exceptional performance.  

Their batteries supports a charging and discharging rate known as 1C/1C. This means that it can be fully charged or discharged within one hour relative to its capacity. This shows a standard rate of operation for the battery. It has been tested for 6000 cycles of charging and discharging at a 90% depth of discharge (DOD). 

This shows just how reliable and long-lasting it is.

Reliability Built-In

Meticulously armed with a built-in Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), Volta Pro guards against potential risks. This helps things stays cool naturally, even in crazy temperatures from -20°C to 60°C. With an IP20 enclosure rating, it helps keep things extra protected.

Flexible Adaptation

Flexibility is the foundation of Volta Pro’s design and its standard construction makes way for easy expansion. It accommodates up to 32 units in parallel, reaching a total capacity of 170kWh. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it for power up your home or office. The Volta Pro adapts to your energy needs, while enhancing the self-consumption ratio with ease.

Convenient Operation

The Volta Pro does everything it can to ensure everything works easily and effortlessly. They do this with features like battery module auto networking and support for remote monitoring and upgrades. Maintenance is easy, and firmware upgrades can be done using a USB drive. These functionalities are created for easy use and a straightforward experience.

Environmentally Conscious Design

Emphasizing on eco-friendliness, Volta Pro uses environmentally friendly materials during its construction. The entire module is non-toxic and pollution-free. This approach offers a cleaner and greener energy storage solution.

Effortless Installation

You wont be left dumbfounded when it comes to Installation. It is made easy with Volta Pro’s multiple mounting options. You can choose between a wall-mounted option that comes with a wall bracket or floor-mounted with a removable base. Both options save valuable installation space while ensuring a quick an easy configuration.

Volta Battery Series Stages

Here we find Volta Battery’s exceptional “Stage” lineup. These batteries are not just power sources; they are the building blocks towards uninterrupted energy solutions. Each stage has unique capabilities designed to appropriately supercharge your energy experience.

Volta Stage 1

Starting with the Volta Stage1.  This battery offers 5.12 kWh of energy with a nominal voltage of 51.2V. It features a minimal capacity of 100Ah, which provides reliable power multiple devices. With a maximum discharge current of 100A, it ensures consistent power output. It supports up to 8 units in parallel and offers a flexible  installation.

Volta Stage 2

Next is the Volta Stage 2. You get an increased energy capacity with 7.68 kWh while maintaining the same nominal voltage. This model offers a higher nominal capacity of 150Ah, while providing a maximum discharge current of 150A. It delivers enough power output for demanding applications like electric vehicles and marine propulsion systems.

Volta Stage 3

Moving to the Volta Stage 3, you experience a significant energy boost with 10.34 kWh. It still functions at s voltage of 51.2V but has a nominal capacity of 202Ah. it offers increased power storage for small businesses or off grid uses in isolated areas.

Volta Stage 4

Lastly, the Volta Stage 4 offers an impressive 14.34 kWh of energy. It maintains the same nominal voltage as the others. With a nominal capacity of 280Ah, it is well-suited for high-demand uses. Some examples include powering agricultural equipment in remote areas or functioning telecommunication towers in rural regions.

The Volta battery series provides a range of energy solutions for different needs. Each stage boasts a 51.2V nominal voltage for consistent performance and a generous warranty for reliability.

Volta Series S Lithium Battery

The Volta Series S Lithium Battery makes safety a priority with its Cobalt-Free LFP composition. Ensuring ongoing power, while packing a punch with high-energy density. 

High Performance

When it comes to performance, the Volta Series S shines. It supports continued charge and discharge at a 1C/1C rate, ensuring constant power delivery. With 6000 cycles at 90% Depth of Discharge (DOD) and a 10-year warranty, it is built for longevity.


Equipped with a built-in Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), this battery offers protection and reassurance. Its natural cooling and IP20 rating ensure reliable operation from -20°C to 60°C.


Its felxible design, makes adding more power a piece of cake. You can hook up to 32 units, which gives a total capacity of 170kWh. It is perfect for homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes, fitting to all sorts of energy needs.


Sit back, relax and enjoy hassle-free maintenance. The Volta Series is packed with features like automatic battery module networking, remote monitoring and upgrades support. The Volta Series S also supports USB drive firmware upgrades, so it easily updates your system.


Just like other Volta batteries, the Series S is also eco-friendly. They use non-toxic materials that are pollution-free all through the unit.

Two Mounting Methods

Whether you prefer a wall-mounted installation or a floor-standing option with a removable base, the Volta Series S offers both. Choose the one that best suits you for easy installation and space-saving. 

Battery Pack Accessories For Enhanced Installation

If you are struggling with battery pack installation. Volta’s Battery Pack Accessories offer solutions for your needs.

H-BracketFor Secure Wall Mounting

 The H-Bracket serves as a simple yet sturdy wall hanging support for your battery pack. Included with eight pieces of M6 screws and 4 sets of M6 expansion screws, it ensures secure fixing of the battery on the wall.

B-Cable1000 Offers Effective Parallel Connection

The B-Cable1000 helps both power and communication parallel connections between batteries. It has two 1000mm power cables, an 800mm communication cable, and a 1000mm ground cable, for smooth battery integration.

P-Cable1500 Connects Easy with Hybrid Inverters

The P-Cable1500 is designed to connecting the battery pack with hybrid inverters. It ensures enough power and communication transmission. It includes a pair of 1500mm 4AWG battery power cables with M8 and M10 copper terminals, along with a 1500mm RJ45 communication cable for easy connection.

Sturdy Floor Mounting Support

The Base accessory offers a detachable support for floor-mounted battery pack installation. With eight included M6 screws and a height of 20mm, it offers stability and convenience during installation.


When you use Volta Batteries, your power worries become a thing of the past.They offer more than just tangible products. From safety, reliability and sustainability, they cover every angle. With Volta Batteries you will have uninterrupted energy without the fear another outage striking.

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