50W Solar Panel
50W Solar Panel Product description

Run a DC pump to your camp shower. Or run the lights around the camp or to charge cell phone batteries or to run your DC fans when needed. It can charge sailboat batteries or charge a battery for an electric trolling motor. The 50w solar panel can also charge an electric fence in the pastures.

50W Solar Panel

The SD Direct Pro Module technology is recognized as a stable, established product and represents 90% of the worldwide market. The manufacturer guarantees an optimum performance of up to 80% over a 25 year period with the panels boasting a life time of over 30 years.

Solar Cell Type: Poly-Crystalline 156x 63 mm
No. of cells (connections) 36 (4x9)
Weight: 5.2Kg
Panel Dimensions: 635x 670x 35mm
Maximum Power: 50W
Power Tolerance: 0/+5 Wp

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