Dyness Inverters

If you are tired of unreliable energy solutions then give Dyness a try. With Dyness you can say goodbye to loadshedding blues and hello to a greener and stable power supply. Choose Dyness if you want renewable energy integration and reliable power management. Read on to know more about the difference with their sustainable energy solutions.

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Key Takeaways

  • Dyness is a global leader in energy storage solutions, committed to shaping a sustainable future.
  • With state-of-the-art technology and a global presence, Dyness delivers intelligent energy solutions worldwide.
  • Backed by expertise and certifications, Dyness ensures quality and reliability in its products.
  • Dyness inverters offer efficiency, versatility, and reliability, making them ideal for renewable energy integration.
  • Dyness offers 5KW and 8KW single-phase LV hybrid inverters with advanced functionalities and flexible options for residential systems.

A little History

Having been established in 2017, Dyness is a fresh-faced player in the solar world. They operate four production bases around the world which are powered by progressive technology and nonstop innovation. With over 550 employees, Dyness has shown a profound expertise in energy storage. 

Add this to their contributions to global carbon neutrality efforts, and you have a mighty company that you can trust. Their products have reached multiple countries in Europe,  Africa, and South-East Asia, bringing power to many households and businesses.

Technology Strength 

Dyness has a professional team of experts at their disposal. These talented individuals ensure that Dyness inverters has top-notch technological prowess. All of their products adhere to international standards and undergo rigorous testing. This is to ensure that you only get exceptional quality products. 

Energy Storage and Cost Optimization

Like other inverters on the market, Dyness inverters have shown the ability to store excess solar power. The excess stored energy can also be used during peak times.   If you use this right, you can watch your electricity bills drop while getting more power for much less.

Now let us tell you more about two of their most prominent inverter models.

Dyness 5KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter

The Dyness 5KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter, is customized for residential hybrid systems. It has no problem integrating with Dyness low-voltage lithium-ion batteries and Its primary function is to optimize self-consumption. But that is just the tipe of the iceberg when it comes to this inverter.

General Information and Installation Requirements

The inverter, measures at 405x560x205mm (WHD) and weighs around 24kg. It strikes a perfect balance between being compact and robust. These factors alone make it ideal for residential installations. With an IP66 rating, it can withstand the harshest environmental conditions. 

That means you can enjoy your inverter for longer without it suffering any major damage. When it comes to installation, it is best to make sure that this is done by a qualified professional. They need to adhere to local wiring regulations to ensure safety and reliability. 

Technical Specifications and Advanced Features

This inverter is capable of handling 8 kW of solar power, which also means that you wont rely as much on the grid. It is generally designed for use with Li-ion batteries, and guarantees the best performance. It also provides 5kW of AC power output, which easily combines with your household’s electrical systems.

Ultra-Fast Switching 

When it comes to load-shedding, the Dyness 5KW Single Phase LV Hybrid ensures uninterrupted power supply. Using its ultra-fast switching capability, this rapid response mechanism swiftly transitions between power sources. You will have a lot less downtime and your most important appliances and devices will keep working.

Energy Consumption Modification 

The inverter offers a full fledged range of energy consumption modification options. These are available through its ‘self-use’ and ‘generator’ modes. By switching between these modes, you can manage your energy usage according to your needs and wants. The 5KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter gives you flexibility and control over how you want to use your electricity consumption. It gives you the very best when it comes to saving money and optimizing performance.

High-Demand Applications Support 

The Dyness 5KW Single Phase LV Hybrid handles up to 190 Amperes (A) of charge and discharge current. It is well-equipped to support high-demand applications without experiencing strain or performance degradation. So it doesn’t matter whether you powering heavy-duty appliances or and electric vehicles. You can depend on its ironclad performance when you need it the most.

Customizable Settings 

To improve your user experience and flexibility, Dyness added six customizable settings for charge or discharge times. Now you can fine-tune your energy management strategies the way you want and need. When you adjust charge and discharge times, there are so many other benefits that come along with it. You will be able to optimize your energy usage, extend battery life, and maximize your system’s efficiency.

Surge Power Backup 

This inverter features a 10-second 200% surge power backup overload capability. What this means, is that you will have extra protection for your sensitive electronics during sudden power surges.

Flexible Connection Options 

When it comes to connectivity, this inverter is quite flexible. It supports both 1-phase and 3-phase connections, with parallel configurations reaching up to 48kW. The Dyness 5KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter offers versatility to accommodate evolving energy requirements.

Dyness 8KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter

Now let’s look at the Dyness 8KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter. It is designed for easy integration with multiple low-voltage lithium-ion batteries. This powerhouse ensures maximum solar energy use and reliable backup power.

General Information and Installation Requirements

The Dyness 8KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter plays an important part in modern residential hybrid energy systems. It boosts solar self-consumption and provides you with backup power during loadshedding.

Dimensions and Weight

With measurements of 405 x 560×215 mm (WHD) and weighing in at 27kg, it is both a strong and compact inverter. This helps with easy installations into your home while ensuring permanence and dependability. 

Also, with an IP66 rating, the Dyness 8KW inverter is engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Come rain or shine, this inverter works to the fullest even in the most challenging outdoor installations.

Installation Considerations 

Again, in this case, if you want something done don’t do it yourself. Proper installation by a qualified technician will ensure safety and reliability. Make sure the battery bank matches the inverter’s specifications and installation requirements. Check local wiring regulations to prevent malfunctions and ensure system safety and reliability.

Technical Specifications and Advanced Features

Dyness’ 8KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter technical features include flexible battery and generator connectivity. It also has surge protection, and peak shaving control for the best energy management.


The inverter can handle solar power systems generating up to 12.8 kW of electricity. It works with voltages ranging from 90V to 520V. This makes it compatible with a whole heap of solar panels. This means it captures solar energy for the best power generation. It gets the job done in varying weather conditions, and keeps you from relying on the grid. You will have more energy independence and cutting down on electricity costs.


When it comes to output, the inverter provides 8 kW of power, maxing out at 40 A. It ensures a steady AC power supply for homes, and works well with existing electrical gadgets and appliances.

Battery Compatibility 

Dyness 8KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter is designed to use Lithium-ion batteries, just like its 5KW counterpart. It also handles charging and discharging rates of up to 8 kW and currents of up to 190 A. This compatibility boosts your battery system’s performance, maximizing renewable energy usage.

Generator Connectivity 

Don’t fret about loads-hedding periods. This inverter provides simple ways to connect backup power sources like generators. Remember that the inverter manages most energy requirements, it might not have enough solar or battery power during such events.

Peak Shaving Control 

Peak Shaving Control is a unique feature in both of these Dyness models. It improves your energy usage by managing how you use electricity. By doing this, it reduces your electricity bills and makes your system more efficient. You will also end up depending a lot less on the grid.

Surge Power Backup 

The Dyness 8KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter offers a 10-second 200% surge power backup. This protects sensitive electronics during sudden surges. 

This critical feature enhances your system’s performance and prevents potential damage to your electronics.

Flexible Connection Options 

This inverter is super flexible when it comes to connections. It’s just like the Dyness 5KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverter. They both handle 1-phase and 3-phase set ups. Plus, they can team up for parallel connections. It also boosts system capacities up to 48kW. So, no matter how your energy needs change, these inverters can meet the challenge.

Comapring the Two

The differences between the two inverters does seem far and few. Both the Dyness 5KW and 8KW Single Phase LV Hybrid Inverters are customized for residential use. The main difference lies in their specific capabilities. The Dyness 5KW focuses on energy consumption modification. On the other hand, the Dyness 8KW emphasizes reliable backup power and more flexible connectivity.


If you are tired of unreliable energy solutions, Dyness offers a promising alternative. Say goodbye to load-shedding blues and hello to a greener, stable power supply. Dyness is your answer to renewable energy and reliable power management.