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Jinko Solar has been a powerhouse in the solar industry since the early 2000s. The company is now a global leader, celebrated for its innovative and reliable solar panel solutions. With an assorted product range, production capabilities and a commitment to quality, you would be a fool not to give them the look-over.

Jinko Solar

Key Takeaways

  • Jinko Solar is famous for innovation and reliability.
  • They are the second-largest solar manufacturer in the world.
  • The company boasts 40GW mono wafer and 50GW solar panel capacities across nine global facilities.
  • The Swan, Eagle, Cheetah and Tiger series offers innovative panels for various needs.

A Little History

Jinko Solar was founded in 2006 as a Chinese enterprise. Since its beginning, the company has grown as a top-ranking player in the global solar panel market. At first, they were focused on silicon wafer production before pursuing other product manufacturing.  Their vast success led to Jinko Solar’s emergence on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010. 

Jinko Solar’s current workforce stands at over 15,000 people. They operate around the world in more than 30 countries, which makes them an essential part in the solar industry. What is even more impressive is their annual solar panel production capacity of 50GW. According to Bloomberg’s 2021 data, this gigantic figure has made Jinko the second-largest solar manufacturer worldwide. 

Production Capabilities and Global Reach

As we said earlier, Jinko Solar is a relentless titan when it comes to their power production capacity. Back in March of 2020, the company reported an annual production capacity of 17.5 GW of monocrystalline silicon wafers. They also reported a production capacity of 10.6 GW of solar cells, and 16 GW of solar panels. Over a year later Solar’s integrated annual capacity reached an impressive 40GW for mono wafers and 50 GW for solar panels. This expansion has spread across nine production facilities internationally.

Impact on the Solar Industry

Jinko Solar’s reputation for financial stability and a strong track record has resulted in it being the go-top choice in various markets. Just as an example, the company plays a significant role in Australia’s solar energy sector. Here they have deployed more than 1GW of Jinko solar panels in utility-scale installations. Here is just one example of where Jinko Solar has been able to cement their position as a key contributor to a country’s renewable energy efforts.

Jinko Solar Panels – Diverse Offerings

Now let’s have a look at some of the solar panels they have on offer. 

Swan Bifacial Series

The Swan Bifacial Series is equipped with a 5-busbar solar cell. This is where incorporating new technology meets improved module productivity. The series is specifically engineered to accommodate high voltage systems, supporting Direct Current up to 1500 Volts. In return this cuts expenses linked to system installation and operation.

This series also features excellent Anti-Potential Induced Degradation (PID) performance. That means that you get limited power deprivation for mass production. Included is their 30-year linear power warranty and a low annual power degradation rate of 0.55. As a final point, the Swan Bifacial Series design is as light as a feather. The advantage here is that it is easy to install which makes for a cost-effective BOS.

Cheetah Series

This series is as strong and active as the African cat itself. In the Cheetah Series, Jinko Solar uses a 5-busbar solar cell with advanced technology to achieve enhanced module efficiency. This series holds UL and IEC 1500V certifications, which reduces BOS costs while enhancing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). Backed by a 30-year performance warranty and a degradation rate of 1% in the first year and 0.4% annually thereafter, you can have peace of mind with long-term reliability. The Cheetah Series features excellent Anti-PID performance for mass production. This is the key to the series’ steady and well-organized power generation.

Eagle Series

If you are working on a budget, then the Eagle Series might be what you need. Despite its affordable price range, you will get more bang for your buck here. For example, they have the Eagle Plus module which has a conversion efficiency of up to 18.57%. This is achieved using Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology. This technology minimizes power degradation caused by the PID effect, even under stringent testing conditions. 

Tiger Series

The Tiger Series represents the absolute beast of Jinko’s technological prowess. This series unites both Positive-type and Negative-type cell technology, providing you with flexibility and choice. It is supported by a 30-year performance warranty and an impressively low annual degradation rate of 0.4% after the first year. The Tiger Series ensures a prolonged and consistent power output. If you want a robust but stylish solution for your roof spaces, the ‘All Black’ option adds an aesthetic touch to these high-performance panels.


Rachel Saddler’s review highlighted its global leadership and diverse product lines like Tiger, Tiger Neo, Tiger Pro, and Cheetah. She added that vertical integration, high power outputs, and competitive pricing underscored its reliability. Saddler spoke highly of the Tiger Neo solar panels, praising their performance and cost-effectiveness.

Solar Review’s, Catherine Lane’s review of Jinko Solar panels highlights their high efficiency and affordability, making them a top choice for homeowners. She said that Jinko Solar offers reliable panels that showcased their quality and value in the market.

Another review from Solar Emporium said that Jinko Solar dominates the market with its high-quality panels and innovative technologies. Boasting efficiency exceeding 21%, the review favoured their Cheetah HC and Tiger series. It further stated that despite warranty concerns, Jinko’s sustainability initiatives and market dominance make it a top contender in the solar industry.

Benefits of Jinko Solar Panels

Now that we have gotten to know the company and what they sell, here is how you can benefit from using Jinko’s solar panels.

Quality Control at Every Step

Jinko Solar’s is extremely strict when it comes to its quality control. With a vertically integrated production process, the company oversees every stage from silicon ingots to panel assembly. This comprehensive approach ensures a consistently high standard of quality. This hands-on approach helps ensure that the solar panels they produce are reliable and long-lasting.

Technological Expertise

Make no mistake here is a brand that offers incomparable productivity. Jinko Solar has shown remarkable technological prowess. It is a little-known fact that some of their models achieve efficiency levels exceeding 22%. Many would even say that this alone puts Jinko Solar at the forefront of the industry when it comes to power generation. The company’s promise to technological advancement shows that they are tremendously serious about providing panels with the best performance and output.

Trust And Value

Jinko Solar holds a strong position all over the planet. Their longstanding financial stability has boosted investor confidence while being able to excel in the competitive solar market. It should be no surprise that given their reputation and international reach, you can rely on Jinko Solar’s ingenuity as a resolute solar panel manufacturer. Jinko Solar’s panels have gained widespread approval since 2008. For over a decade and a half one in eight solar installers included Jinko Solar Panels in their premium offerings.

This widespread adoption is a strong indicator of the quality and reliability of Jinko Solar Panels. The fact that they are continuously recommended as a solar power solution, suggests that Jinko Solar consistently delivers a product of value. The company’s commitment to quality is further emphasized by the warranties extending over 12 years, demonstrating their confidence in product longevity.

Diverse Product Range

As you saw earlier, Jinko Solar’s biggest drawcard is their assortment of products. By now you know that you will get a huge for whatever needs you may have. selection of panels suitable for various applications, ranging from residential installations to large-scale utility projects. From small solar panels for you house to larger pieces of equipment for an industrial business.  You can have the freedom to choose panels that best align with your exact needs. 

The Mobile App

Jinko Solar has certainly taken solar energy management to the next level. They have done this with their cutting-edge digital mobile working platform. Here you will have an all-in-one solar power management solution. In their latest update, Jinko Solar added a bunch of improvements to give you the best user experience.

Fresh Design 

The app now has a new beautiful and user-friendly interface. This redesign enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality. It is a simple change that has made energy management a more enjoyable process. Oh, and the layout has been redesigned for a more user-friendly experience. This means that you will have easy access to data related to your panel’s energy consumption and production.

Improved Performance 

Optimization measures have been applied to simplify using the app. You will have quick and well-organized access to your solar system’s energy information.

Safety First 

JinkoSolar has launched a few data centres that prioritizing safety. They do this by providing a more restricted and secure cloud service tailored to your specific needs. There are two reasons for this, it enhances the overall security of the platform while ensuring compliance with regional regulations.


Jinko Solar boasts a proven track record, an assortment of products, and quality commitment. Their trust in the global market is a further reflection of their reliability and performance. With innovation, efficiency, and customer focus, Jinko Solar shapes global solar energy future.


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