LONGi Solar Panels

If you are unsure of choosing a reliable solar power source, check out LONGi. With more than two decades of experience in solar expertise, this Tier 1 brand’s impressive features prove it’s a lifeline in the industry. Here you can find out everything you need to know about this incredible Solar Panel company.

LONGi Solar Panels

Key Takeaways

  • LONGi Solar panels leverage advanced monocrystalline and PERC technologies.
  • Their panels excel in low-light environments and severe weather conditions.
  • Engineered with high-quality materials and robust designs, prioritize durability and longevity.
  • LONGi Solar’s pledge to sustainable efforts includes responsible sourcing an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

The History of LONGi Solar Panels

Since their inception in 2000, LONGi Solar has become synonymous with innovation and excellence. With a specialized field in monocrystalline solar panels, LONGi uses advanced technology to improve energy output and durability. LONGi Solar Panels known for their reliability, which has made them a preferred choice for many solcar projects. Other impressive feats include nine global plants, AAA bankability and enlarged production capacities.

Main Features of LONGi Solar Panels

Advanced Monocrystalline Technology

Earlier we spoke about their monocrystalline solar technology. Monocrystalline cells are famous for how effective they are at generating electricity. It offers a much higher energy conversion rate when pitted against the likes of polycrystalline cells. This high-tech power guarantees that LONGi Solar panels can increase their energy production.  

PERC Technology

Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) is also used to boost LONGi’s technological capabilities. This innovation enhances light absorption within the solar cells, contributing to an overall increase in the panel’s efficiency. Using this technology they go beyond mere energy capture. They optimize sunlight absorption, which gives way for better electricity generation.

Robust Design 

LONGi Solar is constructed from durable material which features a stable design. Both are equally important factors that ensure that the panels can survive in the toughest of weather conditions. From the hot and humid Karoo to the wet and cold regions of Cape Town, LONGi Solar panels prioritize longevity and a quality build. 

Adaptability in Low-Light Conditions

A unique feature in LONGi Solar panels is how brilliantly they perform in low-light conditions. Even if you live in an area with irregular sunlight or have a bit of shading on your property, these panels are adaptable and efficient. This makes them suitable for many situations where consistent electricity generation is a must.

Optimized Performance with Half-Cut Cell Technology

Using half-cut cells is a clever and strategic move to boost panel performance. This nifty piece of technology lets the panels function as two separate entities. 

As a result, it minimizes the impact of shading or damage on overall power generation. The resilience offered by half-cut cell technology guarantees that you will have a reliable and uninterrupted power supply.

Best Panels from LONGi Solar

Now let’s look at the pinnacle of LONGi Solar’s panel offerings. From reliability to aesthetic prowess, you will find cutting-edge technology that redefines solar solutions.

Hi-MO 7 

Let’s start with the Hi-MO 7. This is a reliable solar solution that offers you a direct power warranty with an annual degradation rate of up to 0.4%. Its outstanding features enhance power generation and performance.

Enhanced Power Generation

The HI-MO 7 has bragging rights to an 80% higher bifacial ratio and a superior power temperature coefficient of -0.28℃. This model has been able to achieve a remarkable power generation gain of up to 3%. It is much better than regular bifacial modules in terms of efficiency and performance.

Cost Savings

The Hi-MO 7 has a 4.5% power boost, saving a lot of money. It also means that you will enjoy enhanced installation capacity while saving on brackets, inverters, cables and AC side equipment per watt.

Efficiency and Reliability

Here you have the perfect model for enhanced efficiency, lowering costs in equipment, and maintenance. At its best, you will have a reliable and cost-effective solar power solution. For example, the SAMM10 modules increase installation capacity by 4.5% while reducing lifecycle expenses. With improved bifocality and a stable degradation rate below 0.4%, the Hi-MO 7 delivers electricity generation that is guaranteed to last you a while.

Hi-MO X6 Series

Next, we have the LONGi Hi-MO X6. It is one of the best solar panel packages on the market. Here we have a solar panel series that is jampacked with state-of-the-art technology and versatility.

Appearance and Performance

The Hi-MO X6 series has gone for a significant makeover. Their redesigned modules simplify photovoltaic (PV) technology while offering a shiny and fresh appearance. Moreover, by using extensive upgrades, they are also able to boost the conversion of sunlight into electricity. With an eye-catching design and powerful performance, the series is well equipped to deal with all sorts of energy consumption demands.

Resolute with Advanced Technology

The use of High-Performance Bipolar Cascade Cell technology is an ingenious part of the Hi-MO X6. It uses a special welding technique that makes the module stronger against micro-cracking. New safety features, smart optimization, and anti-dust design boost power generation and cuts cleaning costs.


LONGi’s Hi-MO 5 series is Ideal for residential, and commercial use. Its usage capabilities have landed the company with a prestigious award. On the other hand, its PV technology provides optimal performance.

Technological Marvel and Design Expertise

Cutting-edge solar cell technologies, including bifacial, PERC, and half-cut cells, are used to create this model. They use a type of silicon wafer called monocrystalline M10 with added gallium. This helps make the solar panels work better and stay reliable. Also, they split the cells in half and add more connections. It improves the panels’ ability to generate sunlight into electricity. So basically, it means that the panels can produce more power and last longer.

Versatility in Power and Bifacial Advantage

The series has five types of solar panels, ranging from 530 to 550 watts. They are really efficient, durable, and perform great. They use something called bifacial technology, which means they can capture sunlight from both sides of the panel. They will be your best bet for big solar projects that need lots of energy.

Durability Unleashed

The series makes use of encapsulation technology with dual glass protection. Here you will find, among others, a 2.0 mm thick anti-reflective and heat-resistant tempered glass. The glass is kept in a sturdy anodized aluminium alloy frame. Before it is approved, the glass endures rigorous testing. 

The design must be able to handle elements like hailstorms and high temperatures among other requirements. This smooth and sturdy model can function in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. The LONGi HI-MO 5 offers a productivity degradation of only 2% after the first year. However, it keeps its 84.95% effectiveness even after 30 years.

The Award

In 2021 the Hi-MO 5 won an Intersolar award for its high efficiency. It was praised for its advanced bifacial and PERC technology with gallium-doped wafers. The model’s “Smart Soldering” connectors were also applauded for its, impressive 21.3% efficiency. This innovation reduces both Balance of System (BOS) costs and Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). Here they have taken a significant step towards affordable solar solutions.


If one thing is certain, LONGi Solar’s takes sustainability very seriously. From using eco-friendly materials to carbon neutrality. They drive global renewable energy expansion with high-performance solutions and a promise of a greener future. Let’s find out more.

Sustainable Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management

Throughout their history, Longi Solar has shown a holistic approach to sustainability. They have done this through careful raw material sourcing while adhering to stern environmental standards. Besides that, they have also implemented eco-friendly product recycling initiatives. This approach emphasizes responsible disposal, and recycling practices throughout a product’s lifecycle. 

Carbon Neutrality and Renewable Energy Investment

In their bid to embrace carbon neutrality, Longi Solar is doing everything in their power to reduce emissions.  So far they accomplish this by using well-organized processes and technologies, to diminish their impact on the environment. Longi Solar invests in multiple renewables to offset its carbon footprint. They believe that it is small steps like this that contribute to the broader goal of using sustainable energy sources. 


Next up are just a couple of insights that highlight LONGi Solar’s diverse panel offerings, competitive pricing, and reliability.

Ana Almerini from Solar Reviews praised LONGi Solar as a top-ranked solar brand. In her review, she emphasized the company’s diverse panel offerings, ranging from 355W to 425W. She further highlighted LONGi’s competitive warranty and solid reputation. In her opinion, Longi can be seen as a reliable option for customers aiming to reduce their electricity bills. 

Jason Svarc from Clean Energy Reviews commends LONGi’s extensive industry experience and innovative cell technologies. He made a special mention of the brand’s Hybrid Passivated Back Contact (HPBC) cells, boosting panel efficiency by up to 23%. He details LONGi’s various module series. Here he analyzed their specifications, underlining their suitability for different applications. 

Jeff Sykes from Solar Choice applauded LONGi Solar’s global stature and high-quality manufacturing. He highlighted their top efficiency, mid-range pricing, and robust warranty. He said that the positive findings of these elements make LONGI Solar a dependable choice.


LONGi Solar Panels are a perfect example of reliability and innovation. They use only the best technologies that are complimented by sturdy designs. Emphasizing sustainability and productivity, LONGi sets the golden standard for high-performance solar solutions. 

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