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The Probe Battery is of Premium Class in that it is TRULY a sealed battery with both plates in lead laminated and expanded calcium/calcium technology.

The Probe Battery is a Maintenance Free Battery, and its most important feature is that it does not require service during its operating life.


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The Probe Premuim MF Technology provides the following advantages:

  • The Battery does not require water addition during service life.
  • Longer shelf life of at least twice that of other battery technologies.
  • Battery assembled with high quality raw materials that prevent electrolyte leakage, plate shorting and high resistance to vibrations.
  • High impact resistance polypropylene case which can withstand road shocks, vibrations and extremes temperatures.
  • Polarity terminal designation moulded in the battery cover.
    Plates reinforced with thermoplastic layer on the botton.
  • Grid system expanded from laminated lead calcium state-of-art alloy.
  • Polyethylene enveloped plates


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PROBE Heavy Duty Maintenance Free Premium Batteries

The PROBE Heavy Duty Battery is a Maintenance Free battery designed for use in special applications, and rugged enviroments., such as:

  • Mining and Construction Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Farm equipments
  • Marine and Stationary applications

Besides the PROBE Maintenance Free features and benefits, the PROBE Heavy Duty Premium Battery additionally offers:

  • High cycle stability
  • High reliability and long service life
  • Minimum self-discharge
  • Deep discharge capability
  • Increased operating stability by use of best quality pocket separators with micro-glass mat support.
  • Vibration resistant lugs.
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