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Looking for a way to get off the grid save money and reduce frustration, you are at the right place.roof install safety

Solar PV panels that are mounted on the roof of a residential, commercial or industrial building are SSEG installations that convert solar energy into usable electricity.

A PV system is made up of solar cells that are connected in a way that points them toward the sun, which an inverter then converts from direct current (DC) into usable alternating current (AC).

The size, layout and configuration of a solar PV system will differ, depending on the use of the system, size of the building, the energy demand and consumption pattern.

For property owners, you now can customise your solar panels, inverters, racking systems, and batteries, and the general aesthetic of the installation. This customisability has made it important for solar consumers to understand these various factors.

For example, the best solar panels available may have premium efficiencies and warranties, but will typically be more costly. However, depending on the size of the installation, you’ll need to determine whether high-efficiency solar panels that can produce more electricity are worthwhile.

Also, your appetite for risk can help determine which solar warranties best fit your needs. These are just a few of the many factors to consider when selecting solar panel equipment.

Aside from the power output of the solar equipment you choose to install, the amount of energy you generate with solar panels in Potchefstroom is directly related to the amount of sunlight that hits your panels. Fortunately, Potchefstroom has moderate to high sunshine and receives high average peak sun hours, making it easier for your solar panels to save as much money as possible.

There are additional factors that determine how much solar electricity you can produce.

These include shading, panel orientation, and panel angle, which are all used to calculate your total production estimate. A prediction of how much energy your solar installation will produce over time.

This evaluation offers a clear estimate of how much energy your solar installation will produce. 

Power up your home, farmhouse, warehouse, factory or office block with solar panels and start saving money.


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