Do you need Power during load shedding or do you want to go off the grid and enjoy the freedom of your own power?

Don’t know where to start or how much it will cost. Here are a few things to consider making it easier.

Solar power systems can come in many forms. From Hybrid systems, Grid tie systems and backup power systems.

All of these systems mainly compose of a few major components.

Key Components of a Solar Power System

How do solar power systems work?

Some people want to know others don’t and just want what solar systems offer and that is uninterrupted power. But if you would like to know more about solar panels and how they work, check out this article on solar panel performance; Solar panel performance.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost

Solar is Expensive, Isn’t it?

Living in beautiful Sunny South Africa the only constraint to go fully solar would be the cost. Solar systems carry a once of investment that not anybody can afford but the long-term payoff makes it a worthwhile investment into your home or business. We discussed it in this post about How Much Do Solar Panels Cost

Solar power considerations, advantages and more…

What should you consider from your side when you are interested in a solar power system?

Questions you need to have answers ready for when contacting any Solar Supplier.

  • How many hours of back-up power do you want?
  • How many electric geysers do you have?
  • Do you have a swimming pool that will need to feed off the system?
  • What type of roof does your property have?

Should you buy a Solar Power System?

When you switch to solar energy for your home, you can maximise your savings and enjoy an array of benefits and here is just a few:

  • Protection from utility rate increases
  • Increase on the value of your home
  • Immediate savings on monthly bills


If you are running a business, the goal is to maximise profits by saving on expenses. When you switch to solar for your business, you can enjoy:

  • Increased profit margins
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Substantial tax and depreciation benefits

Going Solar is a long-term view on your situation at home or in your business and it is not always the easiest.

Just a recap of things to think about.

  • What are you trying to achieve with your solar solution?
  • How long will I be without power or can I afford to be without power for x number of hours?
  • Will I save money in the long run?

Why not keep the lights on in your home using battery power during any power interruption and generate your own power using a solar power system?

If you are ready to make an investment into solar, you can submit your details on the solar quote page.